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Alcohol and Drug Problems? A new way of life begins here.

We provide treatment for Alcoholism, Drug and Other Addictions in a private, peaceful and supportive environment


  • Rehabilitation Treatment Centre for Alcohol, Cocaine, Gambling, Sex and other Drug Addictions.
  • Voted by Global Healthcare Magazine as one of the top 10 treatment centres in the world.
  • A high percentage of our admissions come from recommendations. (Read our testimonials)
  • Due to our unique rehabilitation programme our success rates are higher than average.
  • One of only two licenced Recovery Dynamic ® Rehab Centres in Europe.
  • The longest established Rehabilitation Treatment Centre for addictions in Spain.
  • Relaxation, treatments and activities.

"Our mission is to provide the very best structured 12 Step treatment programme in Europe.  Our programme enables individuals to live their lives to the full, free from stress and the corroding effects of alcohol, cocaine, gambling, sex and other drug addictions, allowing them to maintain changed daily lives free from their problematic past.

The Serenity House Spain rehabilitation centre offers a treatment programme that combines a unique 12 Step lecture system with an activities-based, holistic life approach. Our staff members are themselves in recovery from alcohol and addiction problems and thus are able to understand and professionally help clients by sharing their firsthand knowledge and experience with them.

Serenity House Spain offers a unique whole-person holistic approach, treating the individual within a small group.  The programme at Serenity House Spain is unique; by respecting and treating all our clients as individuals we significantly enhance their chances of success once they leave the centre.

Our clients work a structured rehabilitation programme, firstly learning about the problem, followed by the solution and finally the course of action required to enable them to be free from their addictions. At the end of treatment, our clients possess the ability to continue to live in sobriety with a new outlook on their lives and their addictions.

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Surrounded by orange, lemon and olive groves, Serenity House Spain Treatment Centre is situated in a remote, tranquil and picturesque area of Southern Spain, which ensures client privacy. The location was chosen specifically for its distance from population centres and the accompanying distractions and strains of everyday life, creating the perfect environment to compliment our philosophy that recovery is something to be enjoyed, not endured.

People travel from all over the world to Serenity House Spain for help with their alcohol, cocaine, gambling, sex or drug addictions, entirely removed from the environment where their problems have existed.

Serenity House Spain is the longest established rehabilitation and treatment centre for addictions in Spain and over the years we have helped hundreds of clients to begin their recovery journey. Treatment here is the beginning of a process of change, guiding individuals towards a fulfilling and positive life in the future. We have published some recent testimonials illustrating the problems clients experienced with their lives and addictions prior to their arrival at Serenity House Spain and showing how their lives have already begun to change as a result of working this programme.

Call Us On: (+34) 956 127 371  or (+34) 654 583 337

  • The Team

Chris Spencer is the Centre Director and Senior Addiction Therapist at Serenity House.

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  • Our Unique Approach

Our system is the first and only approach to build a bridge of understanding between the programme of action and the requirements of the individual.

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  • Serenity Accommodation

Serenity House is set in the peace and tranquility of Central Andalucia a short distance from the local "Pueblo Blanco" of Puerto Serrano.

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  • Course Content

The 12 steps are covered in the first three weeks, with the final week set aside to go back over and reinforce what has been taught in the preceding weeks.

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Latest Testimonials

Before coming to Serenity House for my addiction treatment I didn’t know anything about the 12 steps.  Now I do - and I am so grateful I made this decision. I arrived at Serenity House feeling a bit sceptical; I didn’t believe I could study the Big Book in English, as this is not my native language. I found however that together with Chris, and his wonderful work and personal approach, I was able to overcome something that I didn’t believe could be healed within me... Read More.

- Andrei - January 2015

It is now four years since my time at Serenity House and every single day I am so grateful for my time there; the help I received and the difference it has made to my life.  I arrived confused, uncertain and frightened – suffering from a serious alcohol addiction... Read More.

- Margo - January 2015

When I came to Serenity House I was in a real trouble with a severe cocaine and alcohol problem. I flew in from London and Chris, the addiction therapist who I had spoken to on the ‘phone, picked me up from the airport. Chris had been highly recommended by a family friend, whom I had complete trust in and had known for many years.. Read More.

- Michael - January 2015

Programme Of Activities

Programme of training at Serenity HouseAs part of our Programme at Serenity House Spain we offer individuals the opportunity to take part in external and on-site activities within the local area including:

24/7 Helpline Now Open

For further information and guidance please telephone us in confidence on:

24 Hour Helpline: (0034) 654 583 337
Spain Enquiries: (0034) 956 127 371
Immediate Admission: (0034) 654 583 337

Programme Success

Our system has proved to be such a successful approach that it is now the accepted programme in over 400 facilities in 31 states in the USA and 7 other foreign countries! There are only 2 facilities in Europe and accreditation is not given lightly. Read more


Disorder Identification Test

1. How often do you have a drink containing alcohol ?
2. How many drinks containing alcohol do you have on a typical day when you are drinking ?
3. How often do you have six or more drinks on one occasion?          Try the test !!